AAUW TSAO Branch, founded in 1976, continues to “Shape the Future for Women and Girls” by influencing the debate on critical issues and educating voters. We support AAUW Funds and Tech Trek:

  • AAUW Funds is our national philanthropy. Funding goes to legal advocacy, educational opportunity, public policy, leadership development, and the Eleanor Roosevelt Fund (which underwrites research on issues that impact women and girls).
  • Tech Trek is a week-long Science and Math Camp at a local college campus. It is designed to encourage 7th grade girls to pursue studies in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects through their high school, college, and career paths. It features hands-on activities in math, science, and related

Our four Tech Trek campers for 2018. Will be heading to the UCI Tech Trek camp this summer. Congratulations.

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